Update: Calochortus tiburonensis Discovery Article

Calochortus tiburonensis

In my earlier post about Calochortus tiburonensis, the Tiburon mariposa lily, I mentioned that it’d be fun to track down a journal article I had a citation for that described this species’s discovery on Ring Mountain in Marin County.

eBay came to my rescue, and I was able to acquire and scan the (unfortunately brief) article from volume 42, number 1 of Pacific Horticulture.

It’s still amazing to think that this large, vibrant, weird-looking flower wasn’t noticed on a hillside surrounded by some of the most expensive real estate in the world (and close to several world-class universities) wasn’t discovered until 1971. It’s unnerving to think how close to extinction this species came.

Feel free to click here to download the article: The Discovery of Calochortus tiburonensis – Robert C. West.

Update: Calochortus tiburonensis Discovery Article