This Is My Story

I’ve known Michael Starkey for a couple of years. He’s a true believer in conservation, and an inspiration to me.

Michael G. Starkey

A few days ago I gave my last presentation for 2014. As of 2011 I have given 145 presentations in five countries around the world about amphibian ecology, conservation, and how people can work to make the planet a better place for humans and animals. I have directly spoken to 6,645 individuals. Despite this effort, I implore others to do more for wildlife and for animals in general.

SO, it appears that we’ve entered into the 6th mass of extinction of our planet and the results are in: humans gone and dun’ it. Human population growth, habitat destruction, spread of infectious diseases, animal agriculture, and more have resulted in the widespread extinction of animals and plants across the globe. Despite such obstacles, I keep trying. Recently I was accepted into the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders Program ( which basically trains individuals to better save species from extinction. I…

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This Is My Story